About Our Box Company

About All Boxed Up

“Most companies dream of profits. We dream of making boxes.”

Every day millions of people just like you buy moving boxes in all sizes. Whether for gifts, moving or storage, boxes are a part of our lives. But just because it’s called a box doesn’t mean it has to be boring and brown, right? We’re here to spice things up a little—the box, that is, not your life. 

It’s about more than boxes for us.

At All Boxed Up our mission is simple: Provide you with a box experience that exceeds all others, adding a creative element to what’s typically…just a box. Our custom designs were chosen after extensive interviews with some of our most loyal and devoted clients. The styles you see are products of their imaginations. (We welcome your suggestions as well.) 

A few years ago, we started asking ourselves some questions: Does a box have to be brown? Does the price of boxes have to leave a hole in your pocketbook? The answer is no and no. 

Our customers have shown us there exists a strong desire for boxes featuring creative designs, most of which are not only original but also ideal for just about any event or occasion, including birthdays, office parties and holiday celebrations, to name a few.

It’s a point of pride for everyone at our company to make the best product possible and offer it at a fair price.

Don’t let the cool colors fool you, though: Quality is the hallmark of All Boxed Up. There’s no sense in having a snazzy box that falls apart at the faintest breeze, like our competitors. All of our products are made of strong, durable corrugated materials and are manufactured in the Flower Mound, Texas, facility by a small, close-knit team of box-making nerds.

 “We just love making boxes. Maybe that makes us sound boring, but it’s who we are.”

The boxes are square. You don’t have to be.