Organize Your Move With Patterned Boxes

Pink Camo Moving BoxLet’s face it; moving day is a hassle. You may be excited about your new home, and you may be dreaming about everything you want to do once you move in. But you’ve got to get there first, and that requires a lot of work and planning. One way to make the job easier is through organization – and a great way to organize is by using patterned boxes for your move.

As you get closer to the big day, using patterned boxes can save you a great deal of time and headaches while packing. Doing so will also make it faster when the time comes to unpack. Choose a different pattern for each room – for instance, use camo boxes for the kids’ bedroom, blue striped boxes for the master bedroom, green striped boxes for the bathroom, and boxes with a chevron design for the kitchen. Put together a master list so you’ll know which boxes go into which rooms.

Packing Tips

When you’re putting the boxes in the moving truck, it will be easier to group the same ones together so that you can unpack faster. Unloading one room at a time can be extremely helpful; give friends, family or moving professionals a copy of the master list so everyone knows where the boxes go.

When moving day arrives, you’ll already have the right boxes in the right rooms. You won’t have to waste time filling out labels or marking up boxes. Have each of your family members fill their boxes with the items they’ll want right away in the new home and stack those at the top of the corresponding group in the truck.

Durability is Key

No matter how organized your boxes may be, that won’t really matter if they’re not tough enough to withstand the pounding they’ll take. You want strong, durable boxes made of the same rugged corrugated material that our brown boxes are made from so that you won’t need to worry about them falling apart on the way to your new home. Our patterned boxes are not only the coolest on the market, but they’re some of the strongest boxes, too. What’s the point in having snazzy boxes that fall apart at the faintest breeze?

At All Boxed Up, we’re passionate about providing our customers with great-looking patterned boxes that pass the test. Let us make your move a lot easier by ordering online and have them shipped to your home. Make your move easier by organizing your home with patterned moving boxes.

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