Design Your Own Box

You and all your friends submit designs that will be shown on the site to the entire community. If your design is chosen as an item to be made, you could win cash or prizes, in addition to seeing your item available on the market for sale.

*Note: We do not make this product. But we could.

How It Works

Develop an Idea

Remember how your 8th-grade teacher told you to pay attention, instead of letting your mind roam? You get to totally disregard that information when you take part in ABU's design challenge. We want your best idea, no matter how outlandish. As long as the item can be made from corrugated material, we are game. No self-censoring allowed. We can do that for you.

Submit your Design

Once your design is ready to see the light of day, submit your hi-res image here. Please adhere to the size guidelines. Items straying from the guidelines will not be accepted. The image submitted will be used to allow the audience to judge your design.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse or deny any design for any reason we deem feasible. Offensive images and designs will not be accepted.

How the Judging Works

For a period of time to be determined at our discretion, visitors to the ABU design challenge page will get to see and vote on your design. Voting will be carried out by counting the number of social shares, which will be limited to one per person from a given IP address. The most successful designs will be eligible for prizes and cash, and could see their items produced via ABU.

It's all in fun

Make no mistake about it: The ABU design challenge is all about you, the fans of ABU. It's a way to say thanks and give back to our loyal supporters, without whom we would not exist. For us, it's not about designs, contests, who wins and such. It's about having a way to share ideas among the community.

Let's make it fun. Let's make it exciting. Let's have respect for our fellow community members.

Go on, submit your best idea!