5 Tips for Moving Out of Your College Dorm

Moving OutThe end of a college semester is obviously a stressful time. You’re probably putting in ridiculous hours trying to study for those all-important exams, as well as writing 20- or 30-page papers. One thing that could easily slip your mind is the fact that you’ll be moving out of your dorm room soon. But with a little planning, preparation and making sure you have all the supplies you’ll need well beforehand, you’ll be able to handle the move without a lot of chaos or hassle.

1. Get Ready Well in Advance

When it comes to moving out of your dorm, the first thing you need to do is, well, find out exactly when you need to move out. There are some resident halls that will require you to leave the room completely empty when you leave. Get an idea of where you’ll need to leave the keys, what the deadline is to take out that final load of garbage, etc. That way you won’t have any surprises when moving day arrives.

2. Get Some Storage

The last thing you want to do is have to scramble for a place to put your extra stuff while you’re moving out. Whether you can store it at Mom and Dad’s or you need to find a storage spot on your own, get that figured out as soon as you can. You might be able find a friend to share costs.

3. Pack in an Organized Fashion

Separate your belongings into two piles if possible: one that you will need immediately and one that you won’t need until the next semester. Don’t forget that you’ll probably need a lot of boxes, so make arrangements to get them as soon as you can. You’ll probably have a lot of papers, books, etc. that you won’t need at all. The papers can be recycled and you could, of course, sell a lot of the books back to the university. If you can’t, think about donating them to a local charity.

4. Keep it Clean

You definitely don’t want to leave a dirty dorm, so as you’re in the process of moving out clean it up as thoroughly as you can. Don’t forget to clear out those dust bunnies under your bed, and make sure you take out all of your trash. If you don’t make that room as clean as possible you could be looking at a hefty fine.

5. Make One Last Sweep

When you think you’ve done everything you can to make sure the room is in good shape, you probably haven’t. Take one last look around when moving out to make sure you’re not leaving something important behind.

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